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Early adopter offer – Searchlight PLUS+ available with free onboarding

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Searchlight. Gives back control.

How Searchlight can save you money

Searchlight is an independent property management software programme (a "Terrier") developed specifically for rural Estate Managers and Landlords.

  • It does not rely on partnerships with bookkeeping software.
  • Its coding and architecture have been tested on the market for over three years.
  • It has no third-party investors or shareholders.
  • It has been built by professionals in rural property management and software design.
  • It is affordable and intuitive to use.

This cutting-edge technology offers quick and easy access to data that will help manage land and properties in a highly efficient and secure way. The benefits are huge, potentially saving landowners £000s in professional and administration costs each year.


  • Real-time rent roll
  • Automated rent demands
  • KPIs for your portfolio
  • Multiple titles catered for
  • Links to online document stores
  • Automated renewal reminders
  • Technical support
  • Transparency
  • Multi factor authentication


  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Saves on professional fees
  • Delivers control
  • Quick and easy access
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Minimises disruption / downtime
  • No hidden costs
  • Secure

Why Searchlight...

Searchlight is completely independent. That means you don’t have to use any particular bookkeeping or accountancy software…and you don’t have to worry about investor-led decisions to the detriment of our standards.

That is important to us. It allows us to listen to our clients and adapt. In other words, it allows us to be led by you.

Searchlight is created by professionals. We have been listening to our clients and managing their property for 15 years. And, critically, we are in a unique position to understand how to change the profession from within.

Searchlight gives you a professional-grade tool at a fraction of the price you would have to pay a professional to use theirs.

Searchlight gives you the flexibility to stand alone and keep on top of your portfolio, or take a supported package with the use of a highly experienced Estate Administrator and direct line to a qualified Land Agent.

Searchlight can give you the confidence to reassess the fees you pay your Advisers and seek only the best, value-added services.

Above all, Searchlight gives back control.