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Early adopter offer!

A FREE ONBOARDING SERVICE is currently available when you subscribe to Searchlight PLUS+.

Searchlight. Gives back control.

Searchlight Pricing

Use our calculator below to help see which version of Searchlight fits your needs.

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What are the advantages of Searchlight PLUS+?

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One-off Onboarding Price

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Searchlight Overview

Searchlight is provided in the following versions

Searchlight BASIC

  • Searchlight BASIC is intended for entirely self-service use, including for onboarding. Our support team will maintain the availability of the platform and will log and respond to bugs using our bug tracker, but no general support service is provided, in order to minimise cost.

Searchlight PLUS+

  • Searchlight PLUS+ is intended for those requiring a more comprehensive service. Our support team will work with you to prepare and upload your data and guide you through adoption of the system. We will also provide telephone and email support (subject to defined limits).

Searchlight PRO does not feature in the calculator above and is provided as part of a comprehensive package of estate management services.

For more information on  Searchlight PRO

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